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Sell Merchant Service Leads Through the Equileads Affiliate Network



If you have any knowledge about current business trends, you probably realize that the merchant service industry is a big one.  Almost all businesses, whether they are brick and mortar stores, online ventures, or service providers must accept credit card payments if they want to remain competitive in today's economy.  Companies that process credit card transactions for these businesses are very profitable, earning a percentage of every transaction they process.  To remain successful, merchant service providers are always on the lookout for potential clients.


At the same time, owners and operators are looking to save money on their credit card processing solutions.  They want to find the best rates, most comprehensive services, affordable equipment, and customer service that will help meet their needs in a timely manner.  You can help by joining the affiliate network for merchant service providers.


All this means is that you will set up a simple form on your website, allowing visitors to sign up to receive free, no purchase necessary, quotes from companies that specialize in processing Visa, Master Card, American Express, and other major credit card transactions.  We then collect the information and post it for sale to lead buyers who want to reach out to prospective clients in the merchant service industry.  When someone decides to purchase a lead that was sent in from your website, you get paid.


Prime candidates for this program will have web pages devoted to presenting information about credit cards and business transactions in an informative and professional manner.  However, websites that provide informative articles for small businesses, various industries, and other corporate affairs are also good candidates for our merchant account affiliate program as they will attract professionals who are in search of great rates for credit card processing services. 

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What Are Merchant Services?

The term "merchant services" applies to credit-card related needs that most business owners have.  For some, this means the leasing or selling of card swipe equipment as well as the ability to have funds sent from the processing company to the merchant's bank account.  For others, this means the ability to accept credit card payments through an online storefront provider.


A Competitive Industry!

  • Many, many companies provide credit card processing services.
  • Rates & surcharges vary widely.
  • Merchant service companies need ways to reach out to prospective clients in order to sell the benefits of their particular package. 


Our Leads are 100% Guaranteed!



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