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Generate Income with Car Insurance Leads


The majority of American families own at least one vehicle, with many owning two or more cars, trucks, or SUVs.  Each and every one of these automobiles requires insurance, and most motorists are looking for ways to save money on their automotive policies by shopping around, comparing quotes from various insurers, and changing companies when they find better rates elsewhere.  As a member of the affiliate network, you can earn money from your website for each car insurance lead you send in.


If you already operate a website that discusses vehicles and appeals to drivers, you are a perfect candidate for our program!  All you need to do is add a "Request a Quote" form to your site, directing customers to fill out a short form to receive more information on insurance for their autos.  We receive these internet leads from you and offer them up for sale to a variety of companies, agents, and brokers looking to sell policies to interested motorists.  When one of our customers purchases a lead that was sent from your site, you get paid!


Even if you don't have an established, related web site, you can still profit from our referral program. Create a site, fill it with intelligent and informative articles about car insurance, and direct your visitors to a quote form.  They will be excited to receive free information about the best rates on liability and other policies, and with a little time and effort, you can begin earning a small income from your web page.


While some referral programs require you to sell expensive itmes or convince visitors to sign up for pricey services in order to earn a small commission, Equileads does not.  You don't have to convert visitors into paying customers in order to profit from our service.  What you're offering is free to every single person who looks at your pages -- it's just a quote, with no obligation to make a car insurance purchase.  Let the agents and brokers worry about that part while you sit back and focus on promoting your site, not their products.




The Benefits of Selling Auto Insurance Leads!

  • Work from home!
  • Earn money from your car-related site!
  • No obligation to sell products or services!
  • Free sign-up!


A Helpful Tip:

To make your auto insurance lead generation site a success, make sure to fill your web pages with well-written, helpful content that will interest motorists who are shopping for new car policies!


Our Leads are 100% Guaranteed!



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