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Get Paid for Sending Us Your Mortgage Leads


Even though the housing market is not what it used to be for people looking to sell their homes, it is a great time for individuals and families who are looking to purchase a new house, condo, or piece of land.  In fact, there are a tremendous number of properties for sale at reduced prices, and people who can afford to take advantage of these situations are fortunate indeed!  As a webmaster and a member of the mortgage leads affiliate program, you too can benefit from current home-buyers by selling referrals to mortgage and housing lenders. 



All you need is a web site to get started -- and if you don't have one of those, you can set one up for a fairly low price.  Aim to use a domain name that relates to real estate sales so that you will attract visitors who are interested in buying property.


Making money through a referral program like ours is great because it gives you the freedom to "be you own boss," work from home, and maintain a flexible schedule -- without having to stock a warehouse or manage the shipping of goods, and without the burden of working directly with clients or pursuading them to make a purchase.  And unlike other schemes that allow webmasters to earn money selling products and services from their sites, affiliate website owners don't need to sell anything.



Instead, you will place a simple web form on your page, asking interested visitors to input some basic information so that they can receive quotes from housing lenders.  Usually, people who are considering buying new property or refinancing the property they have are more than willing to sign up.  They want to find the best interest rates and closing cost deals, after all!  


After your visitors have submitted their info, it comes to us and is offered as a "lead" for mortgage companies and lenders.  When someone decides to purchase a lead that has arrived from your web site, you get paid.  Even better -- it's free to sign up for our referral program, so you can join us with absolutely no risk!


Get started today, and begin building your web site and business as an affiliate! 



Benefits for Webmasters

  • Monetize your real-estate related site!
  • No direct sales required!
  • Help home-buyers find great mortgage rates and home loan deals!
  • Work from home at your own convenience!


Tips for Mortgage Lead Affiliates:

Maximize your income by taking the time to promote your site to people who are seeking home loans.  Make sure to offer them updated, accurate information that will help them in their real estate search, and most importantly -- be professional!


Our Leads are 100% Guaranteed!



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