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Not unlike car insurance, health care is another expensive but necessary thing that people must often purchase for themselves.  When an individual is unable to secure medical coverage through his or her employer, that person will usually begin to seek out a policy from a private insurance agent.  Because there is a tremendous variance among rates depending on the type of coverage purchased, the company selling that coverage, and several other factors, shopping around to compare costs is very common.  


As an affiliate, you can take advantage of both the health insurance shoppers eager to find a bargain and the agents seeking an opportunity to promote their best deals and services!  By signing up for our referral program, installing our simple quote request form on your web site, and directing visitors to use that form to find out more about special rates and affordable medical coverage, you are doing everything you need to do to start making money from your website!


Once your page begins attracting visitors and they submit their information through the quote form, we add it to our database for interested agents to view.  If the lead suits their purposes, they buy it -- and you get paid!  


Unlike many referral programs that require you to convert website traffic into paying customers by paying out only when a sale is made, our health care affiliate scheme pays any time a lead sent from your site is sold to one of our buyers.  It's free for you to sign up, too, so there is no risk involved on your part!  


Whether you currently have a website that appeals to insurance-shoppers or you are just looking to get started building such a site, there is a place for you in our program.  By following the basic rules for developing and marketing a search-engine accessible site, you can begin attracting the relevant web traffic needed to turn your hobby into a profitable work-from-home business venture.  What are you waiting for?  Join us today, and see how selling health insurance leads can generate an income for you! 



Webmaster Tips

  • Optimize your site for the best possible placement in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Create fresh, helpful content that explains the importance of medical care to your visitors.
  • Trade links with other health-related web sites to maximize your exposure!


Being an Equileads Affiliate is a quick and easy way to earn money if you already have a health-care related website.  However, new webmasters are always welcome to join in the fun.  While it will take some time to start generating valuable leads for our buyers, your hard work will be rewarded!


Our Leads are 100% Guaranteed!



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