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Loan Modification Prospects are in High Demand



Perhaps you have heard about the growing demand for loan modifications made by an increasing segment of the American population who has been hit hard by a currently poor economic situation. These people are looking to get out from under high monthly mortgage payments, mounting late fees, and impending foreclosure by changing the terms of their mortgage in various ways. Loan modification is designed to lower monthly payments, completely erase any built up late fees, and get home owners back on track so that they do not succumb to foreclosure. Instead, they are able to maintain their place of residence without doing further damage to their credit scores. We work with companies and service providers like EMS who provide student loan modification services.

As an Equileads affiliate, you can help put these individuals in contact with brokers, agents, and attorneys who can set them up with a comprehensive plan to ease their struggles and save their homes. If you have been looking for a hands-off way to make money from your existing website, or to venture into the world of e-commerce and affiliate programs, this can be a great opportunity for you to build your business in an industry that is going through a tremendous boom right now.

When you sign on with our program, all you need to do is insert one or both of our forms on your site, giving visitors a way to input their contact information, which is then sent back to our database and listed for sale to attorneys, brokers, and loan-modification agents. If you choose to use our long form, your sold prospects will pay out at a higher rate than if you use the short form. However, visitors are more likely to click on and use a simpler form that requires less information and time. You may want to experiment to see which ones gives you better returns.

Every time a loan modification lead is sent from your site, it is reviewed for accuracy and then added to the selection that our brokers search daily. If one of the prospects you have sent is sold, you get paid. Each one can be sold up to three times; the first time for a maximum value, the second time for a middle rate, and the third for slightly less, so you can feasibly earn three payments on one.

The only work you need to do, in order to succeed with our program, is to promote your site as a source for preventing foreclosure, modifying mortgages, and learning about related real estate information. By attracting visitors to your site and making your affiliate forms prominent and accessible to them, you will see a great volume of prospects pouring in. Of course, you will be most prosperous if you make sure that your website or blog is full of accurate, well-written, and informative content – that's what attracts prospective clients and what will keep them reading long enough to discover your forms and make a commitment.

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What does a loan modification achieve?

  • Lowers mortgage payments significantly, to make them more affordable.
  • Cancels late fees and other charges that have been pending against an account.
  • Develops a comprehensive plan to prevent foreclosure.


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