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FAQ's About our Leads Service


What if I receive a bogus lead?
How are your leads filtered?
How do I receive my lead orders?
What is the price of your leads?
How many leads do you receive weekly?

Are your Leads Exclusive?
What payment methods do you accept?
When do you upload leads to the system?


What if I receive a bogus lead?
We will research the bogus lead report and credit your account within 1 business day if approved.  If a lead is bogus you will be credited for the lead and it can be tracked by selecting "Leads Credited" in your account. We will take credits for bad contact info, lead not per filter, and person did not apply for product or service.
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Are your  leads filtered to my individual needs?
You can create and modify your filters within your account.  These filters will determine the leads you receive daily in your account for viewing. 


When the pool of leads available is generated based on your filters you will Cherrypick leads from that pool and be able to view the information provided. Simply add to your cart and check out.
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How do I receive my Lead orders?
Leads are sent to you by email - print or you can download into excel after you select check out in the shopping cart!
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What is the price of your  leads?
Leads vary on price and quality and usually range from $5 to $25.00 per lead. Some are even less then $5 each!  Every 24-36 hours, leads go down in price!

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How many leads do you receive weekly?
We receives over 500 leads a week. True leads that close.
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Are your leads exclusive?
Our leads are exclusive to our system and they sell up to 3 times to our members.
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What payment methods do you take?
We accept Visa-Mastercard-Amex-Discover-Check all via safe secure Paypal deposits.
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When do you upload leads each day?
Please check the system through out the day as we upload leads when they come in and are screened for quality.
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Fresh Hot Leads

  • Affordable lead buying services
  • Quality fresh leads added on a daily basis all of the time
  • Easy to use chery pick system.
  • Filter by state/region
  • Inexpensive service ideal for brokers and agents
  • Friendly customer service


Quality Discounted Service

  • Both inexpensive "cheap" leads and  high quality premium leads available
  • Easy to use no hassle return/credit system
  • Grow your business with new leads daily
  • Cheapest Prices


Our Leads are the Best!



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