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Purchase Prospects Seeking Loan Modifications at Equileads

Are you a broker or mortgage agent, attorney, or other service provider looking to buy high-quality loan modification leads? You have come to the right place! Every day,'s gigantic database of sales leads is updated with fresh information sent in by prospective customers who are eager to modify their existing mortgages with the help of an agent or broker like yourself.

All of our loan-mod leads come from Americans who are seeking refuge from high monthly payments, mounting late fees, and impending foreclosure. Current changes in the mortgage industry have led to more and more home owners having debt and collection problems resulting in more being eligible for changes in their current loans in order to make their monthly payments more affordable. This increase has resulted in a high demand for people like yourself, upon whom these individuals are dependent.

You can work with them to come up with the best deals and most comprehensive plans to save their homes and put them back on track toward financial success and a secure future. If you are working in the growing industry segment surrounding the current economic crunch and the associated real estate fall-out, these are the prospects that will help your business grow while also helping hundreds or thousands of Americans to retain their homes and properties despite financial hardship.

Rest assured all of the data we sell is current and fresh. Our prospects are reviewed daily by our cherry-pick system to weed out inauthentic or “bogus” leads – and if you find one that we missed, we will gladly refund your money or allow you to select a replacement for no additional charge. They are also complete, with all the information you need to get in touch and present your best loan-modification offer.

Additionally, Equileads is careful not to oversell our prospects. We want our customers – attorneys, brokers, and others – to have the best possible chance of making a sale when they contact a lead from our site. For that reason, our leads are sold no more than three times, and our rates are adjusted accordingly on each one.

We make all our transactions as smooth as can be, too. Simply download your purchases into an Excel spreadsheet for total ease of use. Then you can keep track of calls you've made, emails sent, and other pertinent details, to make your marketing campaign a success.

It's free to sign up and browse our complete selection, so don't miss out. Filter results by region or other relevant category for efficient results. And remember, you only pay when you see a lead that you want to buy. We at Equileads are confident that you will find many of those as you search our database!



Who Needs Loan Modification Prospects?

  • Mortgage agents and brokers who are able to work with clients in need of assistance, better terms, and relief from currently high payments.
  • Real estate attorneys who can negotiate with a home owner's current lender to establish new terms.


The Benefits of Our Service include no minimum or maximum purchase amounts, so you can spend only on the leads that really suit you, a dedicated cherrypick system that allows you to filter results based on region, and an unparalleled level of quality and quantity, and a flexible returns policy so that you never get stuck with bogus prospects.


Our Leads are 100% Guaranteed!



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