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Though car insurance and medical care are necessities, life insurance is yet another area in which consumers are frequently shopping around, in order to seek out the best deals for such a very important purchase.  Both whole and term life polices appeal to families -- especially the family breadwinner -- as a means of supporting their loved ones in the event of a tragic or untimely death. 


If you operate a family-oriented website, it is likely that your audience is interested in learning more about life insurance policies and possibly even purchasing one for the right price.  As an affiliate, you can bring the information your visitors want right to your site -- and you can earn money at the same time!


Sign up is free, so joining our referral program poses no financial risk at all.  The income potential, however, is great!  All you need to do is add a simple "life insurance quote request" form to your web page, and drive traffic to your site.  Then, ask readers to submit a bit of personal information which will allow them to receive competitive rates from local agents and brokers.  We receive their info, post it for sale to term and whole life lead buyers, and when they make a purchase, you get paid.  


Webmasters love our affiliate network because it is easy to use and even easier to make a profit.  Most similar referral schemes expect affiliated web site owners to sell tangible products or services, making it less likely that your traffic will convert into profitable sales.  We don't expect you to sell anything!  That job is left to the life insurance agent who purchases your leads.  All we want from you is information.


If you don't yet own or operate a website, there is still room at Equileads for you!  Becoming a webmaster is easy and sometimes even free; just purchase a domain, fill your site with informative content relating to term and whole life policies and the people who need them, and concentrate on attracting an audience.  In no time, you'll be sending us leads, and we'll be sending you payments! 



Are you a good candidate for the life-insurance lead affiliate program? Good candidates will have a family-oriented web site that attracts visitors who may be interested in purchasing a term or whole life policy.  Other fitting sites may discuss issues like financial matters, retirement, elder care, and home-ownership.


Life Insurance Basics:

  • A "whole life" policy is considered an investment; your money earns interest and can be transferred to your loved ones or withdrawn to help pay for retirement.
  • Term life is cheaper, but only pays in the event of the policy-holder's death.


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