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In order to protect themselves against loss of property, home owners must carry an insurance policy that will reimburse them if their houses are damaged or destroyed in an accident or natural disaster.  Renters, too, are expected to insure their possessions in case of theft or other losses.  Like all those other necessities in life, this type of coverage is one area where consumers like to shop around for good deals, aiming to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  

At the same time, home owner's insurance agents are constantly seeking the opportunity to interact with prospective buyers, hoping for the chance to talk up the benefits of their service and the discounts they can offer.  As a webmaster, you may be wondering where you come in.  What role can you play in facilitating this discussion between consumers and sales agents?

Equileads affiliate network offers you the unique opportunity to make money selling leads, rather than products or services, to your web audience.  Rather than trying to convert visitors into sales in order to make a profit, we only ask that you gather information from individuals who may be interested in purchasing home owner's or renter's insurance in the future.  Then, we offer that information up for sale to people like the agents mentioned above.  When they buy a lead sent from your site, you get paid.  

This entire transaction is conducted through a simple quote request form that can be easily placed on your site.  That's how we track the leads you've sent, and pay you for every single one that gets purchased by our clients.  

Though our program typically works best on a site devoted to information about this specific type of insurance coverage, it is also a good fit for family-oriented sites, pages that discuss real estate and home ownership, as well as mortgages and related coverage varieties like car and/or life policies.  Whether you have an established site or are building a new one for the purpose of being an affiliate, there's a place for you at Equileads! 



Why Do People Need Home Owner's Insurance?

  • Most mortgage lenders require it.
  • It covers loss of property if items are stolen from your home.
  • It protects against lawsuits if someone is injured at your house or in your yard.
  • You can be reimbursed for fire, storm, and other major, costly damages to your home.


Monetizing Your Site Successfully means putting in the time and hard work to attract visitors who are interested in buying home or renter's coverage.  We pride ourselves on offering our clients only the best leads, and we count on our affiliates to put forth the effort needed to fill their sites with quality content and attract serious home owners and renters for our lead-seekers!


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